SlimDoc facilitates doctors optimizing their work processes. Did you have your fair share of daily agony searching, waiting, calling, attending meetings, rework, walking up and down the hospital and explaining the same things over and over again? SlimDoc helps you visualizing your daily routines, targeting your future routines and facilitating targeted continuous improvement together with your team. Creating a better day for the patient, your private practice, the clinic, the hospital, the healthcare system and above all lifts the spirits of you and your team.

SlimDoc’s founder, Robert van Schagen, an Insead and IMD alumnus, already facilitated over 100 physicians improving their work processes. It always starts with the needs of the patient, next question up is the value delivered to the patient and then the matter of how to organize the value added activities as safe, handy, economical and pleasing as possible. Transparency (constantly know what you do and constantly measure what you do), workflow design, smart planning and consistent behavior are the most important ingredients for a safe and successful treated patient and an energizing day at the office. This is how you wanted to work in the first place!

SlimDoc’s founder also has a proven track record when it comes to merges between physician’s private practices and restructuring their business models, their business information and their long run strategies. SlimDoc’s founder Robert van Schagen knows healthcare up close and personal and carries degrees in Health Sciences and Business Administration and enjoyed lots of training in TPS (Toyota Production System). SlimDoc is on top of your problems and can help you out.

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